A must for your personal library

As a performance and fitness professional for over 10 years, I can honestly say this book is must for your personal library. Matt O'Brien's knowledge, research and dedication to this industry has given him instant credibility as one of the top fitness professionals in the country.

The Magic Pill really delivers, and it's message paves the path to understanding the components for fitness, health and life happiness that all endure. Today's society is always searching for that "magic pill" to everything, especially health and life happiness. Matt's strategic layout of the information, really digs deep for novice as well as top fitness guru's and professionals to understand the science behind the fitness mentality as well as the proper steps to start a life transformation or to take that next step.

The Magic Pill shows that health and happiness can be achieved and by following these easy lifestyle changes, everyone can acheive whatever they desire. This book is right to the point and the content layout is a wonderful flow. I would recommend this book to anyone, and hope that Matt O'Brien will continue to write because our country needs information like the ones in the Magic Pill.

Thumbs up for the Magic Pill!
Amazon 5 Stars - Adam A. Davis, Founder Motion Performance Fitness

For a better lifestyle

As a client of Mr. O'Brien's for almost two years; I can honestly say that his insight and erudition in the fields of health and fitness are practical and enlightening. He truly practices what he preaches and the results are every bit as high as the enthusiasm and dedication that Matt puts into his craft. Despite a three decade habit of living unhealthy, Matt has managed to increase my strength and fitness by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time, thus restoring energy levels that I had believed to be long gone. He is clearly the most sought after trainer where he works and somehow still found the time to author this book, all in the desire share his knowledge with others. Breaking the samsara of the daily insalubrious lifestyle would have been impossible if not for Mr. O'Brien.

Amazon 5 Stars - DMW

The personal fitness bible

Matt O'Brien's book gives his personal background first, then goes on to provide a wealth of information including workout routines, diet and general fitness guidelines, and the motivation to get really fit . The abundant advice given, backed by scientific data in his bibliography, will give anyone, from a novice wishing to begin physical conditioning, to a trained athlete wanting to move up to the "next level", and provide them with the all of the necessary information to attain their goals.

I found the book to be very readable, yet containing a wealth of information to get me moving to elevate my level of fitness, which is very good now, but could and will be better thanks to the plans given in this book.

The book is for any age group; and even if you are a novice looking for where to start on your fitness program, this book will give you the tools to get going and accomplish your goals.

Amazon 5 Stars - Pathdoc60

Best Prescription Ever

Compelling reasoning for the inclusion of exercise into your daily life with fun and easy analogies throughout the read. The Magic Pill brings a clear & concise, step by step guide of the reasoning and directions on how to move your body and reach higher levels of health and vitality.

A must read for anyone contemplating lifestyle changes in their health and fitness routine.

Amazon 5 Stars - LukenFitness

A must read for anyone that wants to live this life to the fullest.

Matt O'Brien uses his superior intelligence and wit combined with significant research and vast personal experience to author a book that has the potential to change your life. The principles in this book, if properly applied, will lead to a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. "The Magic Pill" has several real world examples of everyday people who have had their lives transformed by the information and techniques that are found in the pages of the book. These are not infomercial actors, but actual people, like you and me. This book will both inform and inspire. After reading this book you will want to buy a copy for those you care most about. Pick one up today and take the first step to living the life you dreamed you could.

Barnes and Noble 5 Stars - Nate_W2